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Community Mentors


In September 2019 we launched the ROC TD Community Mentors Scheme.


What is ROC TD Community Mentoring?

ROC TD Community Mentoring, in partnership with COACH (Creating Opportunities and Casting Hope), is a scheme which supports families within Taunton Deane by providing 1:1 relationship-based mentoring.

The particular focus of ROC TD Community Mentoring is to support families with children aged 12 and under who are struggling or facing challenging situations.


The aim:

·       To empower families and build resilience in individuals.

·       To help families see their value and worth through a 1:1 relational model.

·       As a result, to equip them to achieve their goals.

·       To initiate and promote positive foundations for the next generation through parenting support.             

·       To build stronger, kinder communities.


This is achieved using the R.E.A.L – Coach Model:

·       Relating – getting to know the person, who they are

·       Exploring – what do they want to achieve?

·       Action Planning – how do we get there?

·       Letting go – empowering for the future

The Coach model is designed to support vulnerable families who may be struggling with isolation, parenting issues, poverty, relationship breakdown or other self-identified problems.

Families who agree to take part in the mentoring programme are matched to one of our mentors, who will then provide weekly support to that family for between 6-12 months, depending on the individual needs of the family.


Want to know more?

Contact our ROC TD Community Mentors Coordinator, Ali Forshaw, at:

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